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Only those who wander around will find a new way.

Me hiking/ Nature photography

I love to go on hikes.The pictures taken during those hikes will be posten in this part of my website. Also you will find lots of nature photo’s in this section.

Scubadiving and snorkling

Underwater photo’s and video’s. Most is shot with my GoPro camera’s.

My travels

Don’t have photo’s and video’s of all my holidays for I took up photographing and videographing in a later stage.
More info
More info

Differtent chapters of this website

This website is devided in different chapters to maintain a good overview
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My life in a nutshell

Born April 10th 1958 in Zwijndrecht Netherlands. I lived there and went to school there until the age of seven. We moved to Tilburg Netherlands in 1965 and I lived there until 1989. I went to school there and started my carreer as an electronics engineer. Late in the seventies I joined the Dutch army, it was an era of big distress. At that time the cold war was still reality of the day, we had numorous actions at the East German border. Also in that period of time we had our share of terrorisme. After my army carreer I started working in sales for many years. At first in electronics and later on in construction. In 2018 I started my own business. I now do Reiki, treatment and educate Reiki to others. Also I do various sorts of massages. The website for Reiki is www.reikicentre-kd.com The website for massages is www.better-body- balance.com
Only those who wander around will find a new way.